A great doctor doesn’t just help you get over your illness or injury.
The best doctors make you feel better – even before you get well.

Do you know a doctor like that?


Why not take the time right now to send a note of encouragement?

The best doctors can carry a heavy load of concern.

Can you imagine how difficult it can be to give a 2-year-old chemotherapy?
Or treat a teenager with a spinal cord injury?
Or tell new parents their baby has a heart defect?

Just like the rest of us, doctors appreciate expressions of gratitude.
Will you share your thoughts, a kind word for all they’ve done?

The amazing work our physicians do every day to save lives and bring healing is featured in the new Valley Children’s TV commercial.

Do you recognize any of our doctors?

Carousel for TV

Who are you thinking of sending a card to for Doctor’s Day?

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Safe Kids Worldwide responded to the negative feedback generated by the sad television commercial that ran in the Superbowl, The Boy Who Couldn’t Grow Up, with the infographic I posted last week.

I didn’t post the commercial because I try to avoid controversy – even though it was designed (like the infographic) to create awareness about preventable deaths caused by childhood injuries in the home.

Then I saw the trailer for Someday Melissa.

Someday Melissa Trailer

It’s sad, too.
But it didn’t interrupt the upbeat atmosphere enjoyed by football fans gathered around their TVs.

It’s about death from a preventable cause, too.
But it didn’t get sponsored by a large corporation whose motives seemed suspicious to some.

A mom created Someday Melissa so other moms wouldn’t experience her depth of grief.

The purpose of this blog is to help parents raise healthy kids, and the heartbreaking video trailer above is designed to do that.

Visit National Eating Disorders Awareness online for information about, I Had No Idea, the campaign theme for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

And please watch for signs of eating disorders in your children.

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Safe Kids Worldwide just released Report to the Nation: Protecting Children in Your Home, a colorful booklet with information to help keep your children safe in the very place parents assume their kids are already safe.

The infographic below highlights new research in the report.Safe Kids

Kristina Pasma, trauma nurse liaison at Valley Children’s Hospital, regularly sees children rushed to our emergency department due to a preventable injury. Kristina serves as the coalition coordinator for Safe Kids Central California, and works to implement evidence-based programs to help parents and caregivers prevent childhood injuries.

Are you doing everything you can to keep kids safe in your home?

For more information, visit

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