A great doctor doesn’t just help you get over your illness or injury.
The best doctors make you feel better – even before you get well.

Do you know a doctor like that?


Why not take the time right now to send a note of encouragement?

The best doctors can carry a heavy load of concern.

Can you imagine how difficult it can be to give a 2-year-old chemotherapy?
Or treat a teenager with a spinal cord injury?
Or tell new parents their baby has a heart defect?

Just like the rest of us, doctors appreciate expressions of gratitude.
Will you share your thoughts, a kind word for all they’ve done?

The amazing work our physicians do every day to save lives and bring healing is featured in the new Valley Children’s TV commercial.

Do you recognize any of our doctors?

Carousel for TV

Who are you thinking of sending a card to for Doctor’s Day?


About Valley Children's Healthcare

Valley Children's Hospital began as the vision of five young mothers who saw the need for a dedicated pediatric hospital in Central California. Over 60 years later, Valley Children’s Hospital has grown into a 356-bed, regional pediatric medical center on a 50-acre campus offering treatment in over 40 pediatric specialties. Our state-of-the-art, nonprofit children’s hospital is one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the nation. With hundreds of pediatric specialists and other medical professionals trained to address the exclusive healthcare needs of children, Valley Children's provides incredible care to children from Modesto to Bakersfield and from the Sierras to the Central Coast and has established itself as the premier pediatric medical facility in the heart of the Golden State. In December 2014, Valley Children's introduced their healthcare network, which incorporates the hospital, medical foundation, physicians, clinics and satellite facilities throughout Central California. The network, known as Valley Children's Healthcare, will provide a full spectrum of pediatric healthcare services well beyond the hospital's walls.
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  1. CDF says:

    Mike Allshouse DO seen in the video under scrubs and optics is the greatest pediatric trauma medical director in the golden state.

  2. The McGee family says:

    Dr. David Hodge We appreciate him so much!

  3. Maria Soto for Augie says:

    Dr Horspool who has always been kind, gentle shows remarkable compassion and empathy.

    Dr Allshouse who is just hands down the best surgeon with the biggest heart. I always appreciate his approach to talk to me as a parent not just as a surgeon.

    Dr Wright who goes out of his way, consults with other doctors and approaches Augie’s arthritis from all angles always trying to work around other health issues and meds.

    We love you all!!!!

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