About our Hospital

At Valley Children’s Hospital kids are our world.

VCH_QuickScreen_HospitalWe believe children should be defined – not by an illness attacking their bodies or an injury with effects lasting long after the ambulance ride – but by their character and by the essence of their souls.

For over 60 years, Valley Children’s Hospital has dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality healthcare for kids. From the color on our walls to the size of our blood pressure cuffs, Valley Children’s Hospital was designed especially for children.

Over 1 million children live in the region we serve. Most will never need to visit our hospital, but those who do will be treated with the best care.

Our children deserve the best – the best quality, the best access, the best people and more.

Our nonprofit, 356-bed, state-of-the-art facility on a 50-acre campus consistently ranks at the top of our peer group for clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Our pediatric intensive care unit received the gold-level Beacon Award for Critical Care Excellence – the highest levBeacon Award for Excellenceel of success – demonstrating sustained excellence in unit performance and patient outcomes, and the Magnet Recognition Program® of the American Nurses Credentialing Center recognized Valley Children’s for quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice with three consecutive designations.

Magnet RecognitionOur pediatric specialists have spent years studying how to provide evidence-based healthcare to children. Whether trained in cardiology, orthopaedics or one of over 40 specialties practiced at Valley Children’s, our physicians provide expert care for kids from before they’re born until they’re ready for college.

Group of children

We believe parents are critical members of a child’s care team. We count on parents – who know their child better than anyone else – to share their knowledge and stay involved in their child’s care. We also collaborate with our patients’ home doctors or hospitals to ensure quality care continues.

Mothers who founded Children's Hospital Central CaliforniaIn 1952, five mothers envisioned building a hospital just for kids. What began as their humble vision has become one of the largest and finest pediatric healthcare facilities in the nation. Our founding mothers had a dream to care for children in a hospital as special as its patients. More than 60 years later, we hold to the same passion.

 Valley Children’s Hospital.
Amazing People. Incredible Care.

Children's Hospital Central California


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